Thursday, 6 November 2014

Questions and answers!

1. Q: Why we should we care?

A: We should care because it will effect future generations if we don't change our behavior. Also if you eat sea food of any kind you are in a way, eating your on plastic. Also if you care about animals then how can you even stand to buy plastic knowing that it will end up in a local river, lake, ocean, stream and many other water sources for animals to mistake for food.

2. Q: Can plastic from places with no local water areas end up in oceans?

A: Yes because the wind will take it or the water areas itself we drive it thru water paths and it will eventually make it to the ocean. But not just the full item, billions of little pieces that animals mistake for food.

3. Q: Who's at fault? 

A: Everyone. You might think that because that the city's near the oceans are at fault but it is everyone as you can read about in question #2.

4. Q: Can you clean it up? 

A: No there is simply to much, but the reason i'm doing this is because I want to prevent worse.

5. Q: How can we help? What can we do? 

A: Stop using plastic of any type. Just don't buy it. Use reusable stuff buy that instead of plastic stuff. If you think about, how long can you use a plastic bag? About 15 mins.? How long do you a plastic water bottle? About 30 mins.? What about a straw? 3 mins.? Coffee stir stick? 30 seconds?

Will YOU be the one to step up? Its not about what others think, its about what you think. 

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